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Welcome to the website Mary Evangelista – a creative hub for film enthusiasts, aspiring directors, and community builders. As a standout writer, director, and community provider, Mary Evangelista brings a unique perspective and unwavering dedication to her multiple roles. This online space is designed to bring you closer to the captivating world she creates and supports.

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Echoes of Silence

Echoes of Silence is a gripping short film that explores themes of loss, memory, and redemption.

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The Tides of Memory

The Tides of Memory, Mary Evangelista takes us on a journey through the intricacies of family dynamics and unresolved pasts.

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La Gloria

One of Mary Evangelista’s most celebrated projects, La Gloria, delves deep into themes of identity, love, and resilience.

Community and Collaboration

Mary Evangelista actively cultivates a thriving creative community through various collaborative efforts and outreach initiatives. She regularly holds workshops and seminars covering essential aspects of filmmaking, from scriptwriting to directing, providing aspiring filmmakers with hands-on experience and expert guidance. Mary’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity in the arts is evident in her mentorship programs, which amplify underrepresented voices and ensure a rich tapestry of perspectives in storytelling. By encouraging open dialogue and cooperative projects, Mary’s community not only nurtures artistic talent but also builds strong, supportive professional networks.

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